PRO hosts its clients out of a high-end hotel in the small town of Bella Vista, located on the Paraná River. The river here marks the border between Corrientes and Santa Fé provinces, inside Argentina.

This section of the Paraná flows clearer on the Corrientes’ side, murkier on the Santa Fe’s side. Both sides fish well. The river is full of beautiful fishy banks, long sandbars, and numerous islands that create deltas and smaller “riachos” (streams).

Getting There

Daily flights are available from Buenos Aires Aeroparque Domestic Airport (AEP) to Corrientes (CNQ) or Resistencia (RES). These 2 neighbor airports are located 25 minutes’ drive from each other. It is a 1-hour nonstop flight to any of these airports. From there it’s a 75-mile drive to the hotel (1.20 to 1.45 hours’ drive)