The Paraná Experience

Every year, between August and October a massive migration of sábalo, the dorado’s favorite meal, occurs along the Paraná River. This migration begins in the lower sections of the Paraná River and follows the majority of the river’s path upstream to its headwaters. The Dorado follow this run of bait upriver, feasting on sábalo as they move. Having observed this phenomenon, Nervous Waters designed a fishing program to put anglers on the hottest stretches of the Parana as the migration happens.

Our seven-night program gives guests the ability to switch river sections mid-way through the week, allowing anglers to have the best opportunities to hunt the Dorado of their dreams. Begin at Suindá, and then transfer to PRO, or vice versa. No matter where you decide to start, you’ll be fishing two of the most consistent Golden Dorado fishing zones  Argentina has to offer between August and October.

Special Rate $ 5,950 p/person based on shared room/guide. 7 nights / 6 days

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Cast & Blast

Paraná River Outfitters (PRO) is the brainchild of a group of professional dorado fishing guides. Nervous Waters and David Denies have endorsed the team, partnering with them to create a program for BIG dorado on the fly. The adventure takes place in the Middle section of the Paraná River Basin, during the winter/spring season (July to October in Argentina).

This subtropical fishery is ideally located for two-sport enthusiasts, giving you the opportunity to add wingshooting to our exclusive fishing program with these three fantastic packages:

3 Nights High-Volume Dove Shooting + 4 nights Dorado Fishing
3 Nights Duck Hunting + 4 nights Dorado Fishing
3 Nights Decoyed Pigeon Hunt + 4 nights Dorado Fishing

Combo trips are customizable. Choose the days that suit your schedule, and come to experience the best of both sports in Argentina. Email or call us today, so we can put together your trip of a lifetime.